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We accept inquiry about Nemuro Nakashibetsu airport building here.
About inquiry, opinion that we had, we will make use for future service improvement.
Because we perform maintenance duties of Airport Terminal Building, we do only with thing about facility in Airport Terminal about inquiry, opinion.

  • As you offer FAQ, at first please confirm.
  • You give an answer, but please note that you may have time for answer to some extent within business hours from Nemuro Nakashibetsu airport building.
  • About inquiry, opinion that we had, we may not answer all.
  • Inquiry, answer about opinions that we had is intended only that we answer specific question of customer who inquired. I decline our thing that I use part of answer contents or the whole conversion, the second without permission or disclose other than the customer concerned firmly.
  • Ask inquiry about navigation to Airlines.

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Nemuro Nakashibetsu airport building

〒086-1145 16-9, Kitanaka, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido

Phone (0153) 73-5601/FAX (0153) 73-3628